SIGNVIEW is a Sign Management System and is a product of FrontSeat Group (Pty) Ltd. SIGNVIEW is a system used as a tool to improve the efficiency of managing signage that is produced and installed by FrontSeat Group.

The User:
- The user refers to any FrontSeat Group employee or FrontSeat Group client that has been given authorization to access to the system. - To become a user, an authorized person from FrontSeat Group will create and issue a username and password for access. The username and password are supplied via email. - It is important that the user receives training for accurate usage of the system. If you require training, you can contact the number listed at the bottom. - Any person not given access to the system will be considered to be unauthorized. Legal action can be taken against the unauthorized person/user if the system is misused in any manner. - All user activities are recorded for safety and tracking purposes.

Information Generated:
- The SIGNVIEW system is used to capture data and generate it to information that can be used by FrontSeat Group and its clients. - The information generated by SIGNVIEW should only be used by authorized persons (i.e. users: FrontSeat Group employees and FrontSeat Group clients). - FrontSeat Group and/or SIGNVIEW shall not be held liable for any unforeseen events of incorrect information being generated by the SIGNVIEW system. - FrontSeat Group shall prioritize to investigate and rectify inaccurate information that is generated by the system.

Damage or Loss:
- FrontSeat Group and/or SIGNVIEW shall not be held liable for any damage, loss or any injury that may occur as a result of using the SIGNVIEW system.

Intellectual Property:
- The SIGNVIEW system remains the intellectual property of FronSeat Group and cannot be copied, replicated or recreated.

By using SIGNVIEW therefore, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

Should you encounter a problem or have an enquiry, please contact FrontSeat Group on:
Phone: +2711 462 5596
More information can be obtained from the FrontSeat Group website:

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